About Us - Director's Message

We at PDU & Eminent Group of Institutions a complete place for continuining academic excellence, constantly endeavouring to provide best facilitators and guides so to be supportive and wise guide which will be required to move on life's path. We provide quality education to our children who have to meet the challenges of progressive world of tomorrow. We prepare children to become confident, competent adults and equipped to deal with frequent changes in and around them.
This almanac contains the information about the various facilities available in the school. It serves as two way communication channel between the school and parents.I feel immense pride and deep satisfaction to note that the staff and students and parents of PDU & Eminent Group of Institutions will work together to establish positive peace. In the world that requires a collaborative process to transform humanity through education.
I express a wish that student treat this almanac as prized possession to be reffered constantly.